Slash Racer: December’s Game Project

Slash Racer logo

Now that the month is half over, I’m officially announcing the “One Game a Month” project for December 2021: Slash Racer. Slash Racer is a vertical scrolling driving game where players maneuver a vehicle on a track while avoiding inexplicably placed obstacles. It is a recreation of one of my earliest game development efforts, way back in the Apple II days. Additional influences on the project are Flappy Bird (yes, I know…) and Spy Hunter.

Early Slash Racer prototype

This is my first Unity project, and as I learn useful things about that engine I will add new Unity tutorials to this site. As always, if you want to follow the project’s progress you can so via any of the following means:

Slash Racer should be available for download at the start of the new year. Until then, happy racing!

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