High Roller: Game Project for January 2022

Based on a suggestion from a friend of mine, I’ve decided on the One Game a Month project for January 2022: High Roller, a game inspired by the classic Marble Madness. High Roller is an isometric platformer where you move a ball through obstacle courses filled with hazards. The goal is simple: reach the end of the course, as quickly as possible.

The Humble Beginnings of High Roller

Like Slash Racer, this project will be built using Unity and available on Linux, macOS, and Windows. I will continue to add Unity Tutorials to the site. In fact, I intend to publish one new tutorial each week during the development of High Roller.

For information on the project as it’s developed, you can follow me on Twitter. Additionally, I will post reflections and progress updates after each development session on the project’s development log. And, since this project is open source, you can star, follow, or fork it directly on the GitHub project page.

I’m excited to work on this project. Stay tuned for the release at the end of the month!

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