Games and Prototype Projects I’ve Made

Here is the catalog of all Thrashplay projects. Or at least the ones that haven’t been sent to the GitHub graveyard (or been lost entirely.) You can find links to the source code, playable downloads, development logs, and more. Source code is available for all of the projects, so feel free to explore how these were built and look for inspiration.

One Game a Month

Inspired by a really cool idea that ended years ago, I have taken up the challenge of creating a new game each month. The results of this challenge are listed below.

High Roller

January 2022

Overcome inertia and outsmart bizarre creatures as you navigate a curiously autonomous sphere to the goal in this isometric platform game.

Slash Racer

December 2021

Drive fast. Don’t crash. Push yourself to the limits while racing down a vertical track full of obstacles. Just avoid them, and don’t think too hard about why they are there.

Shift: Prelude

November 2021

In this snack-sized hack and slash RPG, you help the “Shifter” and his mysterious employer return home after finding themselves lost in an enchanted forest.